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Cross-country ski pass

Pay once – ski all year round

With the cross-country ski pass from Loipen Schweiz you can kill three birds with one stone. First of all, you can explore almost 5500 km of trails in Switzerland all winter long for 120 Swiss Francs. Secondly, buying a cross-country ski pass supports the cross-country ski organizations and their work in connection with trail preparation. Thirdly, by buying one pass you automatically spend one Swiss Franc to Stiftung Schweizer Sporthilfe (Swiss Sports Aid Foundation), a non-profit organization that supports performance-oriented young athletes in Switzerland. The cross-country ski pass is a national card and therefore accepted by every cross-country ski organization in Switzerland.

At most places, children under 16 are free. It doesn’t matter where you buy your pass, it is just important that you do buy one, since – trails don’t grow on trees!

The cross-country ski pass serves not “only” to ski

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One franc for young talents

Support young athletes while gliding through the snowy mountain region?

The Swiss cross-country ski pass makes it possible. It is available at the checkpoints along the trails, at the cross-country ski organizations, at the tourist offices, at several restaurants, as well as at the associations “Loipen Schweiz” and “Romandie Ski de Fond”. Buy a cross-country ski pass and support the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation and its young talents with one Swiss franc.

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