XC Regions Swizerland


5500 Kilometers XC Tracks in Switzerland

“Curiousness” gives way to „Feeling at home“. Whichever way you look at it, cross-country skiing continues to be a booming sport. The number of Swiss cross-country ski passes being sold is an unmistakable benchmark. With 36’176 seasonal passes in the German, Italian and French part of Switzerland, the number is maintained at a high level. Thanks to general health conscience as well as joy of movement, people practice more and more cross-country skiing. Furthermore, there are two important key-factors: On the one hand, the unrivalled network with a total of around 5’500 km tracks and trails and 120 organisations is almost nationwide and of superior quality. On the other hand, there is the unique offering of the Swiss seasonal pass for 140 Swiss Francs.


“langlauf.ch” provides a detailed overview of all cross-country ski regions.