XC Pass 2018/19

Cross-country ski pass

The seasonal pass supports sports promotion programs

Say „yes“ to quality and future!

36’176 cross-country ski passes were sold last winter. This is a clear sign for the high-quality work by the around 120 cross-country ski organizations in Switzerland. Furthermore, it is a clear message in favour of popular sports and Swiss sports promotion. It is now time to show appreciation for the tireless efforts by the operators of cross-country ski trails and tracks. Therefore, the price for the seasonal pass increases slightly by 20 Swiss Francs.


The Swiss cross-country ski pass, the annual ticket for around 5’500 km trails and tracks at 160 places, costs 140 Swiss Francs from next season on. The Delegates of Loipen Schweiz have decided at the Assembly of Delegates in Rothenthurm a moderate increase of 20 Swiss Francs. Here some examples to illustrate the proportion: Television stations in England pay 160’000 Swiss Francs for one minute soccer broadcasting next season.  A trip to the legendary Schilthorn and back costs almost 130 Swiss Francs.

However, whether you belong to the passionate cross-country skiers or exercise only sporadically, with 140 Swiss Francs you are allowed to ski on 5’500 km freshly prepared trails and tracks all over Switzerland all season long. Furthermore, you automatically spend one Swiss Franc to Stiftung Schweizer Sporthilfe, a non-profit organization that supports performance-oriented young athletes in Switzerland. Last year, Loipen Schweiz distributed 31’000 Swiss Francs to 46 applicants in the sections cross-country skiing and biathlon.

The cross country ski pass is more than “just” a ticket for cross-country skiing.

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One franc for young talents

Support young athletes while gliding through the snowy mountain region?

The Swiss cross-country ski pass makes it possible. It is available at the checkpoints along the trails, at the cross-country ski organizations, at the tourist offices, at several restaurants, as well as at the associations “Loipen Schweiz” and “Romandie Ski de Fond”. Buy a cross-country ski pass and support the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation and its young talents with one Swiss franc.

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