XC-Schools in Switzerland

Even experts can always learn!


Once you have reached a certain level, cross-country skiing is real fun! You do not have to be an expert or pro. It is enough to understand the basic technique, to be able to transfer your knowledge into practice as well as to overcome the initial concerns about the slippery ground of snow. There are 56 cross-country ski schools in total all over Switzerland that offer excellent service. They are united under the umbrella of Loipen Schweiz and make you enjoy cross-country skiing, teach you the basic movements and even help expert skiers to make progress. There are varied offers starting with trial days, i.e. Swisscom Nordic Days, for example. There were more than 3’000 people curiously participating at those days last years, 95 percent of which confirmed to continue cross-country skiing in their free-time.

You will find a comprehensive overview of cross-country ski schools and their offerings here.

The Swiss cross-country ski schools are also involved in the Dario Cologna Fun Parcours. They organize these events in different regions.         



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